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No Pain, No Gain

Struggling to make group classes or with motivation?



Do you struggle to make group classes?
Is it hard to keep a routine with your schedule?
Do you feel you want to train but have no idea where to start?

Online Programming might be the key for you!

Keeping accountable in and out of sessions

  • Online Videos created by me to help assist you
  • Weekly reviews of your workouts by me
  • Everything tracked on your phone for easy access


If you struggle with motivation or you’re guilty of starting and stopping your workout program, a fitness challenge may be exactly what you need for a push in the right direction.

Imagine yourself in just a few weeks from now. You’re healthier, fitter, proud of your progress and discipline and more motivated than ever to keep it up. It CAN happen. And you can have fun doing it, too.

Here are five benefits of committing to a fitness challenge.

It’s a difficult task trying to achieve fitness goals without a plan. With a fitness challenge, you have expert advice, guidance, and support. It’s like having your very own Personal Trainer beside you cheering you on! They know what they’re doing, and they only want the best for you. A challenge will guide you with workouts that deliver results, as well as with tips and advice to help you create sustainable healthy habits.

It takes 21-30 days to form a habit. Committing to working out a few times a week, eating healthy, and taking time for yourself allows you to create a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for life – not just short term.

When you join a fitness challenge, you’re joining a community. In most challenges you’ll also get access to an online support group where you can join other challenge members to support and motivate each other – your very own cheer squad! A support group helps you stay on track, motivating you to stick with it, to push through the hundreds of squats, and you may even create beautiful friendships!

If you push yourself to new limits and commit, results WILL happen. Fitness challenges have been created by experts – those who know how to achieve goals. It’s a great feeling when you finally see your results at the end of the challenge – the hard work IS worth it!

5. IT’S FUN!
Fitness challenges are a great way to meet people, smash goals, and help create sustainable habits – but they’re also super fun. New workouts, new friends, and helpful tips to push you to be your best self. Challenging yourself and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone may seem a little scary at first, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it later. If a challenge is fun, you’re more likely to commit to your new fitness lifestyle.

6-12 Week Challenges
30 Day Fat Burning Challenges
Group Programs

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From 166kg to 126kg & a 5km run - what’s your excuse not to smash your goals?  Erin’s dedication and commitment to herself and her goals are shown every time she workouts, everytime she meal preps and everytime she wakes up in the morning  Erin’s passion and motivation reminds me why I became a PT, from her comments, attitude and behaviour, I would not have her any other way  5km in 37 minutes 38 seconds 
I’m excited to see where Erin pushes next
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