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Working with Ford is fantastic!  He is very easy to get along with & has made me feel comfortable in the gym – an environment I’ve avoided my entire life.

His knowledge is enormous and is reflected in his professional yet easy going persona.

If you’re thinking about reaching out to Ford to help you on your fitness journey, just do it, stop thinking about it!

Tim Gilbert

I have worked with Ford for just over a year, I’m a mother of 2 Boys with a shift working husband.

Ford has helped me gain my confidence and change my life style to achieve my goals. Working with Ford I have lost 15kg+ and I feel like I haven’t had to change much in my life.

Losing the weight and gaining the skills I have, my mindset has changed, I am happier and have become a better version of myself

I am able to live life, treat myself and still enjoy things without restricting myself. I would highly recommend chatting with Ford to see how he can help you balance your lifestyle.

Tiphany Eichner

My experience working with PT Ford:

If you’re anything like me your hamstrings and hips are tight AF from sitting down too much and not stretching enough.

I did a stretching session with Ford which was sensational!

Recovery is often a part of training I don’t enjoy and neglect. With Ford’s help I was able to get my hamstrings and hips feeling HEAPS better within 30 minutes!

Highly recommend reaching out to Ford if recovery/stretching is one of your weaknesses.

Daniel Marshall

Ford is always there with a smile and has a way to motivate you to keep you looking forward. Ford genuinely cares and wants us all to be the best versions of ourselves.

Kathryn Schuppan

In all honesty I’m a lazy gym goer, I have been going for the last 2 years & I was happy to go to the 9am HITT classes and head home! I have never really been taught to use the weight and how to incorporate them into a workout until I did the challenge! In the few years I’ve been going I hadn’t really lost any weight but I hadn’t gained it, so I was ok!

Ford has been supportive and pushed me to achieving more than I knew I could.

My goal was to run! With Ford’s help I started running the 1km and the 2km goals and bit by bit I did a few runs out on the streets, 5km, 8km, 10kms and then Ford did a 21.1kms with me which was exhausting but a great achievement! I know without Ford’s encouragement I wouldn’t have ever done it!

I have lost just over 7kgs and have created lots of new habits!

I would highly recommend Ford’s Personal training & his classes and challenges if you need that extra push to get you going!

Thanks for all your ongoing support, Ford!

Tunya King

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